Why Miles AND Finance?

Welcome to Military Miles and Finance.  The main goal of this site is to help military members maximize their ability to earn miles & points and save money through everyday actions to help them enjoy their hard earned time off to reconnect with themselves, their families and friends while in parallel helping them reach financial independence.

I love traveling and I’ve been lucky that over half of my career has been overseas, allowing me access to regions of the world that are much more difficult to reach from back in the US. I’m also passionate about reaching financial independence by the time I retire from the military.

I started this blog because everything I’ve looked up seems to concentrate on either the traveling aspect or the military financial aspect but nothing really for both and nothing that really identifies the symbionic relationship and benefits to both goals while being in the military.  Knowledge on travel discounts allows me to save more money towards retirement and financial knowledge allows me to maximize my ability to travel.

I hope you enjoy this blog and what it has to offer.