Meet James

I started this blog to share with the world my progress in pursuing two of my favorite things to do: 1) Working towards becoming Financially Independent – Retiring Early (FIRE) and 2)  to get every mile and point possible to enjoy traveling and the experiences that comes with it.

I first became fascinated with the potential of points and miles when a friend went on a 6 month business trip and stayed at a Sheraton the entire time.  He went on to use the points to pay for him and his dad to travel to South Africa for the World Cup for absolutely free!  I had to figure this thing points and miles out!


As for my pursuit to become financially independent, I first became fascinated by the concept when I was watching a documentary about America’s wealthiest families and a descendant of the Johnson & Johnson family told his son that he could literally pursue any study he wanted.  He didn’t have to pursue a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) major or become a doctor or lawyer to have the comforts of life.  That is EXACTLY what I wanted!  Not the ability to fly around in private jets or spend my nights “popping bottles”, although those are fun to do, but to achieve the final level of freedom as an American, that so many will never achieve…Financial Freedom.

Hopefully, I can help others in their goals while you guys teach me a thing or two as well.  Just a little about me to foreshadow the topics I will be posting to this blog.  I’m a US Air Force Officer currently stationed in Hawaii with my wife, and my first kid on the way this December.  I have 8 years left before I retire from the Air Force at which time I want to be FIRE so I can have the freedom to pursue whatever I want. There will be many topics in my blog that will be applicable to all, there will be plenty of topics specific to benefits specifically to members of the military, and finally specific to current residents of Hawaii.