E-Mail Lists: How I use them to save BIG without being overwhelmed

BLUF: 99% of promotion e-mails shouldn’t apply to you either because of timing, limitations, or simply  just something you don’t need; But once in a while, a targeted promotion fits perfectly and allows you to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars!

I sign up for every possible mailing list that is under the sun! And I mean everything.  Since my wife isn’t as obsessed with the game of maximizing saving as I am (It’s unfortunately a rare occurrence), we agreed that I should  take over savings for her shopping habits as well.   I’m sure Google has identified me as a semi professional painting, amateur dog grooming, part-time yoga instructing, cook in training millennial-ish Get-Xer base off my e-mails. I can only imagine the judgements coming from my mailman when dropping off catalogs for Victoria’s Secret and Motherhood under my name….


Unlike their other promotion codes, Neiman Marcus‘ one time 15% off entire purchase for new customers’ have no category restrictions; Using the e-mail sign-up, I saved $237 on products that never go on sale! That’s on top of the 10 Chase points per dollar I earned shopping through the Chase portal link!

But soon after my sign-ups, my Gmail account started getting overwhelmed with promotions and I started overlooking or archiving important e-mail.  I needed to change something.  What I did, and recommend to everyone else, is to create a separate email account for just shopping accounts, promotions and newsletters.  Then as you shop around, sign up for each companies customer accounts and promotion newsletters.  *A lot of companies offer once time discounts when you sign up and those promotions tend to be less restrictive than generic ones open to the public.


Signing up for Starwood Preferred Customers promotions allowed me to get a targeted promotion for double-elite qualifying nights during PCS season to Hawaii, EASILY allowing me to reach their 100 night required Ambassador status!


Luckily iOS lets you load and manage multiple e-mail accounts; so when the time comes to purchase something, I take a quick 5 minutes and search that company in my promotions inbox to see if there is a targeted coupon or code I could use.


Signing up for both United and Hertz promotions allowed me to be target for higher bonus than the general public, and made sense for me to go on a mileage run where I rented 13 cars in one day at an average of 0.63 cents per United Mile! *blog entry coming soon


Now I do forewarn that these promotions are there to encourage you to shop more *obviously*, and we should be smart about not chasing unnecessary points and miles.  As I stated in my BLUF, 99% of the promotions you get shouldn’t apply to you.  Either you don’t need to spend that much, the restrictions on the purchase exposes you to too much risk, or you FLAT OUT DON’T NEED IT!  But once you determined that you will make a purchase, having the additional targeted promotions can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars.


Without these targeted promotions from Starbucks, I only get 2 stars per dollar and I just resort to making coffee at home.  With these promotions, it substantially lowers the average cost of my caffeine habit and makes Starbucks a reasonable option!

What was your best targeted promotion?  How do you handle all the e-mail?