Maximizing Chase’s current offer of 10x points for Walmart and Best Buy, Part 1

BLUF: Maximize Chase’s current 10x offer by pairing with Chase’s shopping portal and gift cards.

Chase current has an offer of 10x points for Walmart (max $325) and Best Buy (max $400) by using Chase Pay (Chase’s version of Apple Pay); With the Chase Sapphire Reserve, that is a rebate of 10% cash or 15% in travel credits! But here at Military Miles and Finance we’re all about maximizing points and miles so lets take this further.

Key points:

  • MUST purchase through Chase Pay, not just the Chase Credit Card.  Follow the direction on one of the links for the promotion on how to set up Chase Pay.
  • Works separately for Chase Sapphire Reserve, Chase Freedom, and Chase Freedom Unlimited meaning you can take advantage of this promotion three times if you have all three cards, although highly unlikely for the common user.
  • Best Buy’s promotion runs from 20 Nov  -24  Dec 2017; Best Buy’s purchase has to be an in-store purchase, so you will need to download the Chase Pay App.
  • Walmart’s promotion runs from 14 Nov – 15 Dec 2017; Local Walmart may not have infrastructure to process Chase Pay so you will need to purchase eGift Card through for on-site purchases.
  • Scroll to the bottom for my personal lessons learned from this promotion


Official Promotion Links Below:

I try to adhere to my principle of not buying something I don’t need and/or not chasing points.  That is why Walmart’s promotion interested me more than Best Buy’s promotion.  I personally hold Walmart, Target, and Amazon credit near cash value because I know I will spend it regardless of a promotion and it’s something I spend on a routine basis.

Now lets not forget that Shop through Chase offers an additional 2 points at raising it to 12 points per dollar!

With few exemptions, I can get an additional 2 points on top of the 10 I’ll be earning at

I can easily spend $325 at Walmart but maybe not quite  by 15 Dec, so what to do? eGift cards!

Whenever you look at purchasing gift cards, regardless of promotions,  ask yourself:

  • Would I have made a purchase from the retailer regardless of the promotion?
  • Will I spend the gift card in the near future?  Why do I ask this?  It’s because the value of a gift card doesn’t appreciate over time.   Am I really saving money if I buy a gift card for 5% off BUT it takes me over a year or longer to spend it when that money could have been invested in the stock market and made 6-8%?

Check and Check,  I need groceries and if I don’t  spend $325 by Dec 15, it will be soon after that.  Worst case, Walmart gift cards never expire, or have a maintenance fee.

When ready to check out, remember to select Chase Pay as your payment option

Now for Best Buy…

Best Buy

Official Promotion Links Below

This was more of a challenge. I really don’t need any new electronics, I bought a HD LCD 4 years ago and don’t foresee needing another one anytime soon.  So gift cards to the rescue again, just not from Best Buy.

Accounting for the alternative means I would have normally gotten these cards, I’m still ahead 8-12%!

I tried to concentrate on vendors with the least rebates through my normal means of purchase to maximize the promotion and something I will actually use.

Nordstrom: For my fellow Hawaiian residents, did you know Nordstrom Rack in the center of Waikiki offers 2 hours of free parking for any purchase, meaning 2 hours of parking for a $1.90 coke!  Better than $2 per 20 minutes!  2 hours parking is just the right amount of time for dinner in the city.  Hale Koa and the Honolulu Zoo might offer comparable parking rates for the longer term, but that walking distance is a no-go with a third trimester wife!

Whole Food: Yes, their prices are outrageous but their salad bar is on point and the quality of their steaks can’t be beat.

Panda Express:  So I hate to perpetuate stereotypes but…yeah, that will be gone in a week.  The only reason its ONLY $25 is because I wanted to test the waters if gift cards with work for the promotion.

Lessons Learned:

I know I’m a little late to writing about this promotion but I prefer to test out promotions first hand and it takes a couple of days for purchases to clear the pending status to confirm the points.

*Disclaimer: Although I have tested the promotions first hand, I can’t guarantee same results since terms of the promotion can change at any time.

Couple of important points:

  • My local Walmart didn’t have the infrastructure to accept Chase Pay, so I had to get a Walmart eGift to take advantage of the promotion for groceries but the eGift card did give me 10x points per dollar.  
    • Validated: 10x with purchase of Walmart eGift cards work!
    • I had no issues, but others have reported Walmart denying the purchases of eGift cards, primarily because they think its a fraudulent purchase.  It has been reported that it helps if you add a couple items in with the gift card, or  contacting the Walmart customer service to resolve the issue.
  • Both Walmart and Best Buy offer other retailers Gift Cards but its important to select the right gift cards.
    • Validated: Purchasing Gift cards to other stores from Best Buy works! 
    • The optimal choice of gift cards are to stores that gives the biggest difference in points and something that I will use in the near future.  From a points perspective I got the biggest value from Whole Foods since I only currently get 3.5% cash back with my Bank of America Cash Rewards Card but from a frequency perspective, I ‘m gonna clear my Panda Express first.

These promotions are the cherry on top for Chase’s line of cards and with Chase’s recent policy update to waive the annual fee on all of their credit cards, the Chase Sapphire Reserve (Referral link) is a lucrative card for all active duty military.

Who else took advantage of these promotions?  How did you optimize it to match your spending habits?  Has anyone tried  purchasing gift cards through shopping portals then turned around and purchasing items through the portal with the gift cards?