United’s MileagePlus X App, Earn miles on top of credit card earnings

BLUF: Earn additional United Miles on top of your normal credit card points/miles!

The United MileagePlus X App is one of the best tools out there for the avid miles collector and should be in everyones miles arsenal.  So what is it and how does it work.  The MileagePlus X app is a tool to purchase electronic gift cards in which they give United miles based on the specific merchant.

MileagePlus X interface: As you look through the offers, you’ll see that some of the offers are quite lucrative even before calculating the additional rebates from using a credit card.

To start, simply download the iOS app from the app store or the Android app from Google Play.   Then, right before you purchase  your merchandise, use the app to buy a electronic gift certificate, which the app will deliver in the form of a pin or barcode.  As you type in the amount, it will let you know how many miles you will get for the purchase and in my experience the miles get credited to your account instantly.

Currently, you can earn an additional 5x miles per dollar at Under Armour with the UnitedPlus X App

Now that you understand the basics of how it works, I’ll run through some examples of how I maximize it for everyday use.

MileagePlus X:

  • For the most part, credit card charge will be categorized with the end vendor.
  • Most of the gift cards allow you to purchase for the exact amount of your bill.

Dining Out/Carry Out

Although I’ve had one or two instances where the gift certificate has been categorized as a United purchase, for the vast majority of the time, its has been categorized as the end vendor.  Knowing this, all my dining out purchases are with the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card, since it gives me 3x point on dining out.  So a lazy Wednesday dinner of Dominoes pizza nets me ~12.6% back in value using my valuation of points (5 United miles x 1.5 cents + 3 Chase points x 1.7 cents)!

Chase categories the Dominoes gift card purchases through the MileagePlus X as dining out

Maximizing Retail Purchases

Most airlines and some credit card companies have affiliations with retail stores and provide an additional rebate when going through the airline links.  Especially for large purchases, you should look at which shopping portal is giving the biggest rebate for the store you are planning to shop at.

Shop with Chase is ALSO offering 5x Points per dollar at Under Armour

So what I do is login to my Chase account and go through the Shop with Chase link, to get my 5x points, and complete my shopping.  Once I’m ready to check out, I use the MileagePlus X app to purchase a Under Armor gift card that returns 5x United miles per dollar and type in the gift card number during check out.

Break down of savings

1x Chase Point per dollar for charging my card to purchase the gift card

5x United Miles per dollar for utilizing the MileagePlus X app to purchase the gift card

5x Chase Point per dollar for using Shop with Chase Portal

17.7% total value back in points PLUS don’t forget to apply the 15% Military & First Responders discounts offered my Under Armour at check out!


As you can see, the MileagePlus X app can exponentially increase your ability to earn more miles without spending any more money.  Have you used the MileagePlus X app?  Whats your best example of maximizing your miles while using the app?